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New Improved Catch-it® Glue Traps and bed bug monitors are an Effective and Safe Means of Pest Control and contain no harmful poisons, chemicals or pesticides.

Developed by a professional pest control company as part of their "ZERO-PEST ZONE" program, Catch-its® are ideally suited for mechanical control and monitoring of roaches, bed bugs, ants and just about all small, non-flying insects.

No More Dangerous Chemicals! New and Improved Scent to Attract More Insects! Multiple Openings Allow Easy Access for Insects and Small Rodents!

For Best Results, Catch-its Should Be Placed:
* Where insects are likely to travel, congregate, or breed
* Along walls and door jambs
* Behind and under appliances
* Near water sources

*For trapping bed bugs, place anywhere bed bugs have been sighted.*

Catch-it® Sticky Traps & Insect Monitoring Devices MSDS

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