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Catchmaster Gold Sticks are long tubes with a sticky glue and fly pheromone attractant for capturing and killing house flies and other nuisance flies. They come in a patented "clean access" perforated box that is easy to use and handle. Gold stick fly traps can be placed on window sills or hung vertically in areas of fly activity. These fly traps can be used in garages, homes, offices, barns and stables, dumpsters, etc. Catchmaster Gold Sticks incorporates six special luring elements into its Fly Traps.

A Few More Reasons to Use Catchmaster...

* Ready to Use
* Non-toxic
* Disposable
* Discreet-hides flies out of view
* Multi-bait Attractant Included
* Indoor/Outdoor Use

GoldStick Fly Lure Sticks MSDS

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