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Flies and Flying Insects

There are thousands of species of flies around the world, however there are only a few species reported to be common pests in the home. The most common are house flies, stable flies, face flies, and garbage flies. Flies go through four stages during their lifetime including egg, larva, pupa, and adult. This process can take place in as little as 8 days. Most find flies to be the biggest nuisance in the adult stage of life.

Flies tend to congregate around garbage and trash, decaying animals or vegetables. Because they stay close to these infested areas, flies carry disease and can transmit these diseases to humans and animals. Flies can carry over one million bacteria on their bodies. Keeping your home clean and garbage covered is one of the best ways to prevent flies.

In order to treat for an existing fly problem, Gilbert Industries offers a variety of lights that are effective in fly and insect control. These lights are most helpful when placed low to the ground, as this is where flies are most likely to swarm.

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