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Lady Bugs

Lady Bugs

Lady bugs are known to be beneficial insects. They eat other bugs that feast on plants and vegetables, therefore protecting gardens around the world. However, during the winter some lady bugs like to take up residence in homes and businesses. Although causing no direct harm, they can cause allergies and be quite messy.

Adult lady bugs are oval, about one-quarter inch long, and can range from pale yellow-orange to dark orange-red. They cannot breed indoors, however large numbers can take up residence in your home and crawl along walls, windows, and light fixtures.

Lady bugs tend to stay away from dark places, including dark colored walls and buildings, and places covered in shadow. They are attracted to the light, specifically areas illuminated by the sun. Because lady bugs gravitate towards the light, Gilbert lights are a great solution to a lady bug infestation in your home. You can choose from a variety of different models, dependent upon your specific needs.

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